Mobile applications

Blue shield with white triangle in the middle. The triangle is tilted to the right, giving the idea that the shield is a play button. The background is a child playing with an iPad on a sofa.

Tube n' kids - iOS

iOS app native application of Tube n' kids.

iOS application.

End of life: 2021
Mobile phone over a table. Its screen shows a map with streets and blue dots denotating parking spots.

Mon char ici

Using open data to help find parking lots in Montreal, Canada.

iOS application.

End of life: 2018
Cartoonish design of and old, long bearded farmer standing against an yellow picket fence, with white cotton-like clouds in the sky.

Uncle Joe's farm

Keep your toddler entertained with animations, puzzles and farm sounds.

All sprites, animations and music made by me.

iOS application.

End of life: 2018


Book titled web development for business with javacript. The cover has labels related to the subject, like React, Gatsby and SEO, spread over a background of colorful squares.

Web development for businesses with JavaScript

Advanced implementations of the latest JavaScript frameworks and tools.

A case-by-case discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of the latest most popular implementations.

Follow along tutorials for business-driven solutions.

End of life: 2021