A little better at protecting children from inappropriate content

This week I release an important update for Tube n’ kids. It now filters the title of search videos for inappropriate words.

Tube n’ kids is an application I developed to help me protect my then 5-years old son from bad video content. He was learning to interact with the computer to watch cartoons and funny videos. Soon I found how easy it was for him to be exposed to all sorts of inappropriate content.

My solution was to create an app that would filter, log and report watched videos, so that I could keep an eye at everything he was watching. And so Tube n’ kids was born.

Recently I started finding some bad videos on his time line. With the app I was able to investigate, identify the source and block the content he was not supposed to be watching. It was an influence from friends from school. I wrote about it here. The whole thing made me realize that the app could automate part of this process, and this is what this last update is about.

Now, when a child searches for anything in the app, if the response contains any of a preset list of censured words, the video is automatically removed from the results. This will make the app a little more efficient at the job of protecting kids from inappropriate content.

November 27, 2019.